Fight To Win Lake Norman Reviews

  • My son takes jiu jitsu and Muay Thai at Fight to Win in Denver. We absolutely love it. It is always very clean and Jon and Charlie, the instructors are very attentive to each and everyone who goes in there. Having my son be taught there by Jon and Charlie is the best thing I could have done for him and I am so happy I did. I can't say enough great things about Fight to Win Denver.

    Kinghorn Valerie
  • Great school with a family friendly atmosphere. Our two kids and I train together. Quality time spent not just exercising and staying active, but learning life skills at the same time. Giving your kids the opportunity to build confidence and learn self defense skills is important to our family and FTW of Denver provides flexible schedules that work well for our busy lives.

    Chris Plemmons
  • “Two years ago we enrolled our oldest son in Jujitsu at Fight to Win Denver under Jon and Charlie and we were immediately impressed with their professionalism towards my wife and I, but more so with their attentiveness to our son and his development. The structure and confidence they helped to build in him has been life changing for him. I personally was so impressed that I decided to fulfill a lifelong desire to train and enrolled myself for Jiu-jitsu 6 months ago. The benefits I have received far exceed just the confidence in myself to protect my family. My personal confidence in every day life has changed and I have a more clear mental state simply from training. Jon and Charlie are so incredibly detailed in their approach to training and they seem genuinely pleased with not only my progress, but my interest in learning. I witness this with everyone they train with and the rapport that everyone has in class has truly become a brotherhood. The mental aspect of Jiu-jitsu is the most appealing in that you constantly have to be thinking ahead. All the distractions of life seem to fade away for those 2 hours each class and result is a mental sharpness that you carry throughout your day. It is easy to see why this school is so successful because Jon and Charlie are at the heart of it all. A worthwhile decision to make Jiu-jitsu a part of my life and an even better decision to train at Fight to Win Denver.”

    Mark Yelton
  • Fight To Win is an excellent school for self defense and for bettering yourself as an individual. Jon and Charlie are top notch instructors who are very down to earth and committed to helping you improve. The vibe of this school is very welcoming. My kids train here as do I and this has been the best decision I have ever made. I cannot recommend this school enough.

    Mark Yelton
  • Super clean and organized gym. John teaches with great attention to detail and points out the little things that make each move work. His focus on self defense is very refreshing. If you are in the area there is none who could even come close to his instruction. Such a awesome place and the people are great to train with!!

    Jeremiah Joel Campbell
  • Now that it is February 26th 2018, I have been training BJJ and Muay Thai for 1.5 years and I can say that the quality of instruction is excellent and the class formats are very conducive to a high level of absorption and learning. I was a complete beginner when I came to the academy in May of 2016. The staff and the students alike are very respectful and create an environment that prioritizes safety over speed, technique over strength, intelligence over force, growth instead embarrassment, clarity over confusion, real and situational self defense over competition. I compete regularly and enjoy it immensely. I receive a great amount of support when I enter a competition. However, the focus here is not competition but true self defense. There is not a lot of talk of how to score points in competition but instead how to stay alive and stay safe when you are faced with violence.

    Landon Furguson
  • Going on my eight month. I have trained in other arts such as TKD and Krav, but BJJ and the level of training provided by Jon and Charlie is by far superior in both methodology, curriculum, and real life scenario based training. Moreover, students adults and children of all skill levels are welcome whether you are training for fun or competition, there is a spot for everyone, and you will quickly become not only a familiar face but part of a family.

    Scott Maddaline
  • “I first started training at Fight to Win Denver without having any background in Martial Arts or knowing anyone. Jon Plyler and everyone welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. The transformation I have made in my life since starting amazes me and I owe it to the Jiu-jitsu practice and everyone at Fight to Win Denver. I feel as though I am not just part of a team, but have an extended family that is there with me in my process to better myself. Every time I come to the school and train or attend the Women’s Self-Defense classes I leave learning something new and feel better and more confident about myself.”

    Katy Gower
  • “Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Fight to Win Denver has filled a void I have had since leaving the United States Marine Corps ten years ago. The aspects of my military life I missed the most was the comradery and specialized training that set me apart from the average Joe. Since starting my journey at Fight to Win Denver I can say this void has been filled. I have been involved in other sports and martial arts in the past, but I have never felt as welcomed and at home as I do at Fight to Win Denver. I recently competed in my first tournament after four months of training and had great success. I thank my instructors and fellow training partners for my achievement. This was a very fulfilling event and I look forward to many more. Personally Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides an outlet for my competitive drive and has proven to be a great way to relieve stress. The training provides a great physical and mental workout as well. The workout is intense but very enjoyable. Much more enjoyable than running on a treadmill or pushing around deadweight, because of this I feel you push yourself beyond what you normally would in a traditional workout. I go home with a sense of accomplishment because each session provides multiple areas of self improvement. This sense of improvement and accomplishment makes me want to go back for more. I am sure there are many benefits I have yet to discover. This is an art form that everyone can benefit from in multiple ways. Whether you want to get in shape, learn self defense, challenge yourself, compete in a outstanding sport, or take advantage of all these benefits I highly recommend you come and speak to the instructors at Fight to Win Denver”

    Shane Leary
  • “After spending one month attempting to rationalize the identified obstacles that kept me from committing to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Fight to Win Denver, I found myself no closer to achieving my goal of better and sustained fitness. The fact that I could not conceive of a training schedule that could meet my professional and family obligations was the very cause that led me to continue to delay taking action, showing up, and beginning to train. Sporadic workouts, a lack of consistency and focus, and this postponement meant that I would continue to spend my time thinking about a better way to get in shape and stay in shape. That was seven months and 32lbs. ago.

    After deciding the advantages of training far outweighed the disadvantages of delaying my commitment, I joined Fight to Win Denver. It took about four months of training 1–3 evenings a week to drop 30 lbs. Fitness was the reason I began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but I have found it is the sustained, and unexpected dividends, that have kept me coming back. Like the financial world where the wisest investments are rewarded with consistent profit in the form of a dividend, I have found that training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has afforded me benefits that I did not anticipate nor did I appreciate before committing to train. First, training has offered me a consistent and diverse challenge. As a beginner, I have found there is both honesty and a complexity involved with training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that begins when you start and it does not appear to have an end. With only seven months of experience, I find myself appreciating and respecting the dedication and commitment of more experienced training partners and instructors. This appreciation and respect makes it less of a challenge to seek help and assistance from others while training. Second, I have found that training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers a very tangible escape from the corporate world, which translates into what I believe to be a lower level of stress. The same honesty and complexity I have found in learning a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique and training that technique requires a focus and concentration that yields immediate results and demands my full attention. Lastly, the compound effect of better fitness and lower stress is what I have found most impactful since deciding to begin training over the past seven months. I would describe this dividend as the most beneficial of all and an increase of balance in my life. What began with a very simple set of goals has led me to believe there is much more I have yet to understand about training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and for that I am both excited and thankful.”

    Chris Morales
  • I contacted Jon Plyler through e-mail asking if it was okay for me to drop in. He was more than welcoming, only upset he wouldn't be able to meet me due to a vacation. One of the assistant instructors was holding an open mat that night. Everyone was very respectful and genuinely nice. The facility itself is very well organized, new looking, and kept clean. Also, the jiujitsu was legit. Good times and great rolls. I give it 5 stars.

    Joseph Reese
  • Awesome place for the entire family! Jon is a wonderful teacher for myself, my kids, and my husband. BJJ, Inc and the entire FTW team is like an extended family. Even if you do not train in BJJ, Judo, or Muay Thai the Women's self-defense class is a must to take for any female!

    Katy Cumbo
  • Great people, great atmosphere, great way to stay in shape and learn to protect yourself and your loved ones in the process. Everyone, especially the instructor is willing to help out in any way they can.

    Lee Blackwelder
  • Just joined Fight to Win last week and Jon leads a great team that have been welcoming and helpful. I look forward to trying there for many years to come. Thanks Jon!

    Jeff Boone
  • Jon Plyler is not only a black belt in Jiu Jitsu but a student of the sport that has trained with and learned from some of the world's best. One thing that I loved about the time I spent there is Jon teaches self defense as well as Jiu Jitsu and he does so in great detail! If you're looking to start Jiu Jitsu/SELF DEFENSE and live in the Charlotte area this is the place. Also if you're advanced and looking to improve your skills Fight to Win will be the perfect spot!

    Todd Williams
  • Excellent atmosphere and great instructors. My boys and myself have thoroughly enjoyed the training. Jon and Charlie have done an excellent job with the boys and all the children in class

    John Suttle
  • I visited Fight to Win while on business in the Mooresville / Denver area and the instructor Jon was very welcoming and I felt right at home. The training was technical and top notch and the training partners there were very kind and excited to have me there. I would absolutely recommend this academy to others and I hope to get the opportunity to return!

    Will Edmondson

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