Please see the attached post below from Professor Steve Hall, our Fight to Win Team Leader.  In light of the current Coronavirus situation, all area Fight to Win locations, to include both Fight to Win Lake Norman (Denver & Mooresville) will be officially closed for the next two weeks, and re-evaluate as we move forward.  As difficult as this decision is, we have decided collectively that this is the right call, for the greater good of our students, families, and the communities best interest.

This situation is unprecedented and rapidly evolving, and there is very little solid information, as this is something that none of us as a society has dealt with in our lifetimes.  However, our business by its nature involves close personal contact, and given the best information currently available and recommendations from medical and infectious disease experts, and government officials on “social distancing”, this seems like the most prudent, socially responsible step to take to do our part to help prevent a bad situation from becoming potentially much worse.
Hopefully, this will be nothing more than a minor disruption.  We are currently working on some ideas to help keep our students actively engaged in learning & training even if we can’t physically get on the mat together in large groups.  We will continue to evaluate the situation and keep everyone updated as it evolves.   Your patience, understanding, and support as we sort through the logistics of all of this are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Jon Plyler
Owner/Head Instructor
Fight to Win Lake Norman
(704) 966-9364