What Our Students Have to Say

“I have been training Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai for 3 years and I can say that the quality of instruction is excellent and the class format is very conducive to a high level of absorption and learning. I was a complete beginner when I came to the academy in May of 2016. The staff and students alike are very respectful and create an environment that prioritizes safety over speed, technique over strength, intelligence over force, growth instead of embarrassment, clarity over confusion, real and situational self defense over competition. I compete regularly and enjoy it immensely. I receive a great amount of support when I enter a competition. However, the focus here is not competition but true self defense. There is not a lot of talk of how to score points in competition but instead how to stay alive and stay safe when you are faced with violence.”
– Landon Ferguson

“My son takes Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai at Fight to Win Lake Norman. We absolutely love it! It is always very clean and Jon and Charlie, the instructors, are very attentive to each and every person who goes there. Having my son be taught there by Jon and Charlie is the best thing I could have done for him and I am so happy I did. I can’t say enough great things about Fight to Win Lake Norman”
– Valerie Kinghorn

“Great school with a family friendly atmosphere. Our two kids and I train together. Quality time spent not just exercising and staying active, but learning life skills at the same time. Giving your kids the opportunity to build confidence and learn self defense skills is important to our family and Fight to Win Lake Norman provides flexible schedules that work well for our busy lives.”
– Chris Plemmons

“Fight To Win is an excellent school for self defense and for bettering yourself as an individual. Jon and Charlie are top notch instructors who are very down to earth and committed to helping you improve. The vibe of this school is very welcoming. My kids train here as do I and this has been the best decision I have ever made. I cannot recommend this school enough.”
– Mark Yelton

“Super clean and organized gym. Jon teaches with great attention to detail and points out the little things that make each move work. His focus on self defense is very refreshing. If you are in the area, there is no one who could even come close to his instruction. Such an awesome place and the people are great to train with!!”
– Jeremiah Campbell

“I first started training at Fight to Win Denver without having any background in Martial Arts or knowing anyone. Jon Plyler and everyone welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. The transformation I have made in my life since starting amazes me and I owe it to the Jiu-jitsu practice and everyone at Fight to Win Lake Norman. I feel as though I am not just part of a team, but have an extended family that is there with me in my process to better myself. Every time I come to the school and train or attend the Women’s Self-Defense classes I leave learning something new and feel better and more confident about myself.”
– Katy Cumbo

“Awesomeness all around! The instructors, the curriculum, the students and the atmosphere speak to the dedication to maintaining the high standards of the Grand Master Helio Gracie legacy and lineage of Gracie Jiu Jitsu….you won’t be disappointed!”
– Terry Massey

“I love training here. It’s very clean and the instructors are highly knowledgeable. They coach me to be better every time I go. An incredible way to get in shape.”
– Blake Cason

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